The Skills And Writing Techniques Essay

The Skills And Writing Techniques Essay

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My portfolio will demonstrate the skills and writing techniques I have developed and honed while taking the course English 1010 at the University of Memphis. Some of the techniques and skills I have learned include how to write with different persuasive strategies on the audience and how to incorporate critical thinking into my work.  As well as these skills I have learned how to apply an effective composing process to my writing and have fine tuned my writing abilities. Writing with different styles on different topics has improved the way I approach writing papers. These styles helped me learn quickly, therefore making me a better writer and student at the same time.
I have learned to look up and analyze the usefulness of sources from the internet, as well as how to cite sources in the right matter to give the authors their credit and avoid plagiarism. Also, now I am more capable of accepting constructive criticism from peer review and fellow class mates. Therefore, this class will help me with my other classes in the future, not only college classes, but future jobs and interviews.
In an essay I wrote about vaping, I used words used in that discourse community to help the audience visualize what vaping is. In my strong response essay I included appropriate facts I obtained through my own knowledge and research, along with descriptive language to show the seriousness of the essay. However, this is also the essay that I feel best displays what I have learned and reflects my skills as a writer. This was a difficult essay for me to write, as the topic was difficult. Therefore, I was forced to utilize all of my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a writer to make this a successful piece of work.  I was dedicated and fortunate enoug...

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...ding writing about writing. I learned a lot of strategies for writing. Before this class, I never really thought about the audience much when I was writing something, and now it is one of my main points of pre-writing strategy that I consider who I am writing to and how they will receive the material. This class has broadened my understanding of how writing is used in different contexts, and the different types of writing and how they are used. I never really thought too much about digital and social media writing before this class, and didn’t consider the implications this type of writing has had on the styles of our generation. It had opened my eyes to thinking about what I read online and what the messages are and the implications might be. This class has broadened my writing extensively and helped me understand not only the hows of writing, but the whys as well. 

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