Skeletal Muscle And The Human Body Essays

Skeletal Muscle And The Human Body Essays

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Skeletal muscle is a muscle that is connected at either one or both extremities of the skeleton to form part of the mechanical system that moves the limbs and other parts of the body. The human body contains more than six hundred skeletal muscles, which establish forty percent to fifty percent of the total body weight. Nevertheless, skeletal muscle performs three important functions which include: force generation for locomotion and breathing, force generation for postural support, and heat production during cold stress. The most obvious function of skeletal muscle is to enable an individual to move freely and breathe. Skeletal muscles are attached to bones by tough connective tissue called tendons. Muscles that decrease joint angles are called flexors and muscles that increase joint angles are called extensors. Skeletal muscle is composed of several kinds of tissue. These includes muscles cells known as muscle fibers, nerve tissue, blood, and several types of connective tissue. The structural organization of skeletal muscle includes an entire skeletal muscle covered by a connective tissue layer called the epimysium. Each fascicle is wrapped within a layer of connective tissue called the perimysium. Moreover, each individual muscle fiber is surrounded by a delicate connective tissue layer called the endomysium. Just below the endomysium and surrounding each muscle fiber is another layer of protective tissue called basal lamina or basement membrane In spite of their unique shape, muscle fibers contain most of the similar organelles that are present in other different cells. However, unlike most other cells in the body, muscle cells are multinucleated. One of the most distinguishing features of the microscopic appearance of skeletal...

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...kouts to make an significant effect on muscles. Muscular adaptation is specific to the way muscles are trained (Turnbull, P. C. 2016). Moreover, there are three different types of muscles in the body and they are smooth, cardiac and skeletal. Unlike, the cardiac and smooth muscles, skeletal muscles control their contractions and are voluntary. It is important to know that skeletal muscles are frequently the main focus of muscular adaptation exercise programs. For this reason, muscles are strengthening and shaped during training. Nevertheless, acute adaptations of skeletal muscle to resistance training occur during and shortly after and exercise. On the other hand, chronic adaptations are a result of constant acute changes in skeletal muscle for a long period of time. An acute response to resistance training that skeletal muscle has is fatigue producing metabolites.

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