Six War Poems and the Theme of War Essay

Six War Poems and the Theme of War Essay

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The first poem i will be discussing is The charge of the light Brigade. Written by Alfred, Lord, Tennyson in 1854. The poem is about the battle of Balaclava in the crimean war which was between Russia on one side and England, France and turkey on the other. The poem is also about battles and the deaths of hundreds of loyal soldiers and the experice of war the writter portrays is very different than lots of the other poems. Through out the poem the writter tells us how great war is despite over six hundred soldiers were sent to their graves.The poem is also about how the brave British soldiers went into battle knowing they would be killed. The poem begins with the light brigade charging into the valley of death. Already the writer is trying to create a image of the bravery of the soldiers and continues to do so through out the poem.

Throught of the poem the writer uses lots of good language to give you pictures of the war he was writting about. In this poem Tennyson portrayes that war is good and is fun. In the poem the writer uses words like "the mouth of hell" "The valley of death" he uses these words to give you a clear picture of what fate awaits the six hundred soldiers in battle. Tennyson portrayes lots of things in his poem another thing he portrayes is the great control the soldiers had for following orders even when the face of death was staring them in the face.six hundred is almost mentioned at the end of each stanza this gives you the idea of the great kind of loss these men faced during the war.At the end of the poem the writter says Honour the charge they made.Honour the Light Brigade the writter is telling us to honour and respect what these men had done even though they all died the soldiers are being celebrated...

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...f by talking about a young boy who is in the first world war and is stuck in a trench and ends up commiting suicide. Due to all the bad conditions in the trenches. Sassoon explored the theme of war in that he thought it was a bad thing a terrible thing to die and. Sassoon hated war he portrayed it as horrid and fearful and really explained the suffering the soldiers went through lots of men and boys were killing themeselvs becuase if it "he pit a bullet through his brain and no one spoke of him again"
Lots if men who took their own lives were though of as cowdly . In the first stanza you get the message that the poem is about a young boy who likes life in the war but as you read on you get a very different message. Sassoon is exploring the theme of war in the same way as some of the other poets. He is saying war is horrible and that it is not an honour to fight in.

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