Six Objectives for Using Windows XP Essay

Six Objectives for Using Windows XP Essay

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Objective 1 was to start Windows XP. I've managed that, after some difficulty, which I attribute to using a Citrix product. We deal with Citrix in the Air Force, and I've never had good luck with their programs. Nevertheless, I now have XP running slowly on my computer that is already busy running Vista slowly. I also have a Java update available... interesting...
First, we boot up, then we learn the joys of moving the mouse.

Next, on to Objective 2. In this three-step process, we learn to start and close a program. First, we dig around a little until we find WordPad, one of my all time favorites. Next, we open a can of Paint, one of my kid's all time favorites. Lastly, we pop up the calculator.
Next, we learn to play with programs we just opened. The first step is to switch between the programs by clicking on the taskbar. After that, we line all three up by choosing Tile Windows Vertically,
followed by cascading the windows. Then we learn to change between programs using Alt+Tab.
After we're done playing, we have to learn to close the windows, which we do by choosing Exit from the file menu, clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner, and right-clicking on the item on the taskbar and choosing Close.

Objective 3's three parts include identifying a window's parts; minimizing, maximizing, redisplaying, and restoring a window; and resizing and moving a window. We begin by opening WordPad again. Thanks to the handy chart on page 35, I can now identify all off the parts of my window.

So, we move on to minimizing and its much less desirable companions. Minimizing is nice. Redisplaying is easy. Maximizing just seems like too much WordPad,
so we restore down. After that, we learn that commands which...

... middle of paper ...

... a screenshot of a preview of a screenshot. I'm dizzy. Luckily, we're done with this Objective.

On to Objective 5, where I can finally get the help I need. First, we start the Help and Support Center. Next, we click the Index button to bring up the list of Help topics.
A quick search for the letters max leads us to the help article on maximizing and teaches us how to print it.

Next is searching for a help topic by using the search box. We then look at only the full text matches and pick the one that tells us how to log off of the computer.

Finally, in Objective 6, we'll put the article we just read to good use by first logging off, then shutting down the computer. We'll start by logging off and skipping step 4. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to get a screenshot of XP logging off, so you'll have to take my word for it that the screen disappeared.

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