Essay on Six Major Types of Trauma in The World

Essay on Six Major Types of Trauma in The World

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Rebecca is a 32-year-old single mother of 4-year-old son Grayson. Grayson’s father left shortly after he was born. Rebecca grew up in a lower socioeconomic household. Money was always an issue for the family of eight. Her mother worked two jobs while her father was a truck driver who was rarely home. Rebecca’s parents left her in the care of neighbors or one of her 4 older siblings. As a result, Rebecca has never been comfortable with expressing emotions or showing close contact. Rebecca now works as a consultant at the local bank. She works long hours and picks up any extra shifts to avoid the financial burden her family faced while she was growing up. Her children are left in a daycare Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm, when Rebecca gets off work. Rebecca loves Grayson very much and is willing to do anything she can for them.
Grayson, now 4 years old, was born prematurely. He was delivered via caesarean section at 32 weeks and was placed in the hospital’s NICU for the first 3 months of his life. Because of the bright lights and constant noise in the NICU, Grayson developed tactile and auditory sensory processing deficits. As an infant, he could not tolerate being on his stomach and had trouble sitting up on his own. Now, he often covers his ears to block out excess environmental noise. He also has difficulties with various textures, which makes finding the right clothes and food difficult and frustrating for him and his mother. Along with sensory processing issues, Grayson also suffers from developmental delays in language and fine motor skills as a result of his prematurity. The relationship between Grayson and his mother is strained. They missed the vital feeding time during infancy, and therefore, have trouble connecting...

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