Six Degrees Of Enlightenment Essay

Six Degrees Of Enlightenment Essay

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Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga, Spain on Oct. 25, 1881 and died in Mougins, France on Apr. 8, 1973. Picasso was a painter, sculptor, print-maker, ceramicist, and stage designer. Pablo Picasso and Georges Barque co-founded Cubism together. Picasso’s two famous paintings were Guernica and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. He was even considered to be one of the greatest and influential artists of the 20th century.("Pablo Picasso." 2011. 30 May 2011, 06:10
Gertrude Stein was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania on Feb. 3rd, 1874 and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France on July 27, 1947. Gertrude Stein was an American writer, poet, feminist, and playwright. In her free time she collected art and that how she began to know Pablo Picasso. She use to buy most of his paintings and kind of became his source of revenue when he was an up and coming artist. He even painted a portrait of her. Gertrude Stein was very popular for her work on The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, which was actually about her autobiography and when she met her lover, Alice Toklas. (Gertrude Stein." Web. 30 May 2011.
Ford Madox Ford was born in Merton, Surrey on Dec. 17, 1873 and died in Deauville, France on June 26, 1939. Ford was a novelist, poet, literary critic, editor, and even considered one of the founders of English Modernism. Ford founded The Transatlantic Review, where he published works by Ezra Pound, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, E.E. Cummings and Jean Rhys. ("Ford Madox Ford."Web. 30 May 2011.
Ford Madox Brown was born in Calalis, France on Apr. 16, 1821 and died in London on Oct. 6, 1893. Brown was a painter of mor...

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...Online. Discuss.." The Literature Network: Online classic literature, poems,andquotes.Essays&Summaries.Web.30May2011..)
Mary Wollstonecraft was born in Spitalfields, London on Apr. 27, 1759 and died on Sept. 10, 1797. Wollstonecraft was a British writer, philosopher, and advocate of women's rights. Her daughter, Mary Shelley is also a writer. Her best work is for her Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), and her influence went beyond a huge contribution to feminism especially in the 20th century when women wanted equality. Mary Wollstonecraft is also remembered for and extending the shaping art of travel writing into a literary genre and had an impact on Romantic movement.("Mary Wollstonecraft(StanfordEncyclopediaofPhilosophy)."StanfordEncyclopediaofPhilosophy.Web. 30 May 2011.

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