Essay on The Sister Of King Francis Of France

Essay on The Sister Of King Francis Of France

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The source I will be analyzing is a translated letter from Marie Dentiere to Marguerite de Navarre. The sister of King Francis of France. Marie was a converted Protestant who lives in Geneva. Marguerite was a Protestant sympathizer, so Marie was writing to her in hopes of doing two things. First, to ask Marguerite if she could convince her brother, King Francis to stop persecuting and expelling Protestants in the very Catholic France. Marie makes the point that since the beginning of Christianity, God has called upon people to spread his message and that Protestants in France are doing just that. This idea is stated in the following quote “And granted that some good and faithful servants of God were inspired in times past to write, preach, and announce the law of God, the coming of his son Jesus Christ, his works, death and resurrection, nevertheless they have been rejected and condemned, principally by the sages among the people. And not only have the servants of God been rejected, but also the true son of God, Jesus Christ the just. So you ought not be astonished, if in our time we see such things happen to those to whom God has given the grace to write, speak, preach and announce the same things that Jesus and his Apostles said and preached” (“A Very Useful Letter,” Paragraph 1). Here Marie makes the very interesting and good point that people had rejected the servants of God in the past, even some rejected Jesus Christ himself. She also says people of God are also being rejected in the present. This idea gives a very good case for why Protestants in France should not be treated as corrupt heretics, but instead as true Christians following God’s wishes. Because they are only following through on what God has told them. Marie th...

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...t herself and clearly a very intelligent and dedicated one, she wants to increase the rights of women and Protestants. Based on her letter one can assume that she believes Marguerite has some influence with her brother and can help Protestant women who are being censored due to fear of punishment and Protestants in general that are being persecuted in France.
Overall, this is a fascinating document that shows a character often forgotten in history, a woman who is using her knowledge of theology and her religious beliefs to address the issues of woman rights and the rights of Protestant Christians in France during the 16th century. A time where women were expected to be reserved to a supporting role to their male counterparts and have absolutely no say in religious doctrine. So, Marie taking on these oppressive principles is quite daring, given her status in society.

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