Sir Thomas More: A Tool of God Essay

Sir Thomas More: A Tool of God Essay

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Sir Thomas More was an English lawyer and best known as the councilor to King Henry VIII before he took the throne. More was married with children and a full on family man who also was active in his community. More held many different positions of great status in England and held himself to an equally high standard of judgment to always live out a life of great morality. Sir Thomas More’s fought to uphold the dignity and beliefs of the holy Church in a time of adversity and attack upon the Roman Catholic Church.
Thomas More was born in London, England on February 7 1478 to Sir John and Agnes More. His father, being knighted and a successful lawyer, much was expected of Thomas More at a young age. After primary school More served Archbishop of Canterbury as a household page, a notable job for one so young. With respectable connections and education, More was admitted to Oxford in 1492 and received a general education for two years. After that more began to practice to become a lawyer. At this time More lived near a monastery where he would regularly join the Monks in the spiritual exercises. It was at this point in More’s life where faith became more prominent and strived to join the monks ranks, but decided later to remain a layman. He married Jane Colt in 1505 and they had four children together before Jane’s untimely death. And years later after her death he married also widowed, Alice Middleton. More was an important councilor to King Henry VIII and traveled as a diplomat on the kings behalf. More opposed the Protestant Reformation taking place in England at the time and spoke out against its spread. More also wrote and published his famous novel, Utopia, published in 1516. This novel was greatly acclaimed and portrayed an ide...

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...s to not deny him as Peter did. But also to be true to ourselves and honest in the choices that we make. Sir Thomas More is relevant to any person today who is faced with adversity and must reflect within themselves and try to choose to do the right thing for everyone.
From Thomas’ youth to his untimely death, he was God’s tool. Thomas hoped to keep the Church of England pure from outside influences, and today we strive to keep ourselves pure from the taints of sin. Thomas’ sainthood is an example for each person alive today to cease the day, and be the best version of yourself by presenting God’s love wherever you go. Thomas’ example and sacrifice are one of the thousandths that have and are going to lay down their lives for the Catholic faith. Their sacrifice is an official call for those of the to-day and sacrifice and find themselves within God and his people.

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