Sir Gawain And Green Knight And The Renaissance Period Of The Faerie Queene Of A Hero 's Journey

Sir Gawain And Green Knight And The Renaissance Period Of The Faerie Queene Of A Hero 's Journey

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When I observe literature works of Medieval and Renaissance period, a man success is determine by the roles of women. I heard a famous quote say "behind a great man there is a amazing woman". As I examine literature works, in the Medieval time of "Sir Gawain and Green Knight "and the Renaissance period of The Faerie Queene of Book I. We have two extraordinary Christian like figures Sir Gawain and Red Crosse who represent Christianity in their respectably time period . Both men endured several tests and have sinned against God. While these men were in the mist of their downfall, they had significant woman who guided them along way to find Christ again. I will view the roles of women like Lady Bertilak of Sir Gawain and Una of the Red Crosse Knight in a hero 's journey. Also, I will view symbolism of the test these men endured and what makes them Christian like figures.
Sir Gawain is Christian like figure who has a shield with a pentangle also known as a five-pointed star. It symbolize that his faithfulness loyalty and obedience to people. Five virtues generosity, fellowship, chastity courtesy and charity represents of Gawain dedication to five wounds of Christ, and five joys Mary. Mary inside his shield. The pentangle is a representation of these five areas of virtue because each of the five sides of the pentangle transitions seamlessly into the next. Gawain pride in knight chaviry code. Likewise Red Crosse Knight, Christ like figure also who symbolized as holiness. He obtain the name of Red Crosse from the blood Cross on his shield and is Protestant believer who is fighting against evil and the Catholic Church. Red Crosse is the send out on mission by Faerie Queen "that greatest Glorious Queen of Faerie lond," to fight...

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...cording to scriptures of K.J.V. Isaiah( 40:31)" Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall". These young men were weary in the journey that caused them to sin. Women played a significant roles in their journey likewise ,Lady Berliak help make Gawain more humbler and wise through his covertness of green belt from Berliak. Also, Red Crosse is renewed in his faith when Una guides back to the house of holiness where gain some strength to faced the dragon. He fell twice in battle with the dragon that completed renewed his strength and faith in God. Without Una Red Crosse who have be consumed by Orgoglio.
There are many other biblical stories that shows the success or downfall of man 's journey toward being a hero. In order to be hero, one must goes through a series of testing their faith in God similar to Sir Gawain and Red Crosse.

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