The singularly strange story of the English language in Puerto Essay

The singularly strange story of the English language in Puerto Essay

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Language is a mean of communication in any given society. It represents the ability to evolve and progress through the ongoing process of living with other human beings. Many can perceive this instrument as tool of liberation and transformation but others as an instrument to enslave, manipulate or oppress a group of people. Whichever the case one need to acknowledge that it is necessary and not a waste of time the many different discussions about this ongoing topic regardless of the time period or social context any country might have. In Puerto Rico, there has been an ongoing dilemma about languages; Dr. Alicia Pousada examines on her essay what many might define “the language madness on the island”. Throughout this paper some of her most interesting ideas will be shared and discussed so that this already extended topic might find another page to take place.
Dr. Pousada starts by examining the historical development of English in Puerto Rico prior to 1898. Interesting as it is one might think that English language controversies started with the United States invasion to the island, but being able to explore further in a history not much talked about one can see that in fact “there was a long history of cross influence” between the U.S and Puerto Rico. Going way back to 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries when our very own “American Pirates” made illegal dealings with Puerto Ricans. Even at that time it is mentioned that a small elite group used the language in international affairs. It is very interesting noting that many native Puerto Ricans also fought for Spain in the war with England to defend the island. All those things apart, the sole purpose of the trading activity that took place between Puerto Rico and the United States b...

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...s all she says pointing at the idea that English teachers have the power to remove the unwillingness and resistance from their Puerto Rican students by being models of successful avid English language learners and users themselves. This is done by inspiring a proud feeling to their students for their first language, Spanish, and promoting the use of this language first so that they can appreciate and better learn a second not because of a hidden political agenda, but because it would add more to their overall knowledge. This is a great way to see English, not in the political sense but in a broader enriching and fun way that can expand further more outside of what is Spanish and add a feeling of self fulfillment given the idea that the individual is more prepared to communicate to an even bigger amount of other human beings.

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