Single Working Mothers: The Sacrifices of Being A Single Working Mother

Single Working Mothers: The Sacrifices of Being A Single Working Mother

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Single Working Mothers
Thesis: Within the process of a single mother striving to be successful, a fatherless household will most likely become stressful upon the mother as well as the children.
How does single motherhood affect the children of the household?
A. The more “transitions” experienced by a child, the more children are likely to have either emotional or academic problems. It is not impossible for the children to have both problems.
B. Watching the single mother’s struggle, children are likely to cause trouble in the society.
I. How She Really Does It
A. The single mother has to gain the power of staying at work.
B. She should learn how to juggle work and her children.
C. No mother wants to be the “good enough” mother, but a single working mother faces judgment from other women.
D. Although a single mother suffers from physically draining, she continues to fight to stay focused.
II. Sustaining The Life of a Single Working Mother
A. Working 2+ jobs is tiring and frustrating, because there is no time spent with the children.
B. Maintaining the role of a mother means teaching a child something better than failure.
C. Motivation is always the best thing to have to ease the mindset of a single working mother.
III. The Most Common Reason Women Financially Stumble
A. The primary reason women are suffering financially is because they are singularly responsible for raising the children.
B. Women are far more likely than men to be out of the workforce and to have low-paying jobs.
C. While the recession hurt communities across the nation, women and children were suffering most.
D. Dominated Job Market
IV. Television Show: What’s Happening
A. The Runaway
B. The Boarder

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...hildren youth crime would have a major decrease. The reason children result in juvenile or any other unprivileged places is because they have nothing positive to occupy their time. Promoting charity will bring people together and help those in need of materials.

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