Single Sex Schools Vs. Coed Schooling Essay

Single Sex Schools Vs. Coed Schooling Essay

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Single sex schools have been present in countries other than the United States for years. Recently, a hand full of various public schools in the United States have switched their systems to single sex. Boards of education chose to switch because of the research that scientists and colleges have found from conducting numerous studies on the effects on single sex schooling opposed to coed schooling. By using test scores, researchers have been able to prove that single sex schools positively benefit students more often than not (Kleiner).
In 1993, students performance at Shenfield High School, a high school in England, started to take a downturn. Not only did it show on required, standardized tests, but overall grades of the students were going down as well. The students didn’t care about their grades, and were more concerned about socializing during school hours. The principle looked at the studies of single sex schooling and decided, in 1994, to separate the school into two different academies, but under the same roof. It was still one building, and the same students attended, but they were separated. Boys and girls both took the same classes, just separately (Kleiner).
John Fairhurst, the principle of Shenfield, noticed that the change affected students immediately. Scores on the standardized tests went up drastically. Girls scores rose overall by 22%; boys rose overall by 26% (Kleiner). Shenfield High School isn’t the only school that proved that single sex schooling leads to a positive outcome.
Manchester University, located in England, decided to test the differences between coed and single sex classrooms, in order to see if it really makes a difference in students’ learning. To set up the test, five different schools w...

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...ts perform better when separated into classes of their own genders (Kleiner). Since students are getting better grades when separated, there are more schools changing to single sex (Sax). This information isn’t saying that it is the best method of learning for all students, but instead a majority of them.

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