Single-Parent Families Put Children at Risk Essay

Single-Parent Families Put Children at Risk Essay

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Children being born out of wedlock have been increasing each year, making parents struggle with being a single parent. There are many effects having children outside of marriage and becoming a single-parent family. These effects include the relationships between family members, dating, and financial struggles. “Increasing numbers of children are being bom to unmarried parents, with nonmarital childbearing in 2005 representing 36.8 percent of U.S. births, or more than 1.5 million births, an increase of 12 percent over 2002 (Hohmann-Marriott).” Being a single parent is very stressful and is a huge impact in a person’s life.
In a child’s early age, the parents end up becoming unromantically involved (Tach, Ronald and Edin). “Over 40 percent of nonmarital relationships end by the child’s first birthday, and by the time the child is 5 years old, over 60 percent of parents are no longer romantically involved with each other (Tach, Ronald and Edin).” When parents spilt up they can have tension towards each other, making it difficult to work together in raising their child. The parents will end up having multiple partnerships. At times a father will become distant from their child, causing the mother to raise the child on her own.
Becoming a single parent can effect the family. A single parent is the one supporting the family financially; this makes their life become very busy working long hours. This makes it difficult for the child and parent to spend time together, even though it is important for the parent and child to communicate with each other in a single-parent family. Not only does the single parent need to worry about paying the bills, but also has to deal with the household chores. Life can become very busy but also stressful. ...

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