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Single Mothers : Single Mother Essay

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Single Mothers Reflection
Being a single mother is a challenge, but is it an advantage or disadvantage? Since a few years ago the number of single mothers has been increasing rapidly. According to the Census Bureau of the United States, between 1985 and 2015 the number of single mothers increased by 10 million, but considering the total amount of families with children younger than 18 years old single mother households represent the 30 percent of them (Sandberg 122). It is clear that being a single mother should no longer be seen as something negative. Any woman can go through this situation regardless of her culture, education, or country. During the last few years, single mothers have faced several social and political challenges, and many of them created by people around them. Thus, contributing to the better development of single mothers and their children is a necessity because every single mother deserves better job opportunities and legal support.
Companies should offer more job opportunities to single mothers. A study realized in 2015 by the United States Census indicates that there are around 5.2 million of stay-at-home moms in married couple families; however, 9.9 million women are single mothers, and they cannot choose to stay at home or go to work. For that reason, most of the single mothers are obligated to work because they are the breadwinners and the only household support. Considering this, companies should promote single mothers for senior positions earlier than women and men without responsibilities. In the book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg explains that many women hold themselves back for fear of having more obligations (149).Consequently, single mothers are included in this group of individuals who evade high-leve...

... middle of paper ..., it will improve the destiny of many single parent families and increase the whole country 's economy. Also, companies should not leave behind single mothers because they bring new perspectives to high level positions and new ideas to all areas. Another thing that people should consider is the creation of laws to protect single mothers and their families because everyone deserves a life free of abuse. Society should recognize that being a single mother is an advantage because it encourages many women to work harder. People will regret not supporting single mothers because the future of the country depends on them. Therefore, everyone should encourage themselves to protect those mothers from injustices. All single mothers deserve rewards for their hard work; they are worthy of admiration from each of us and their children.

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