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When girls are asked to express their feelings, or if they feel stressed they can share this information with their teachers and friends. They can also provide details and they will look you in the eye when they are explaining their problem. Boys find it very difficult to talk about their feelings and will not give details unless they are asked specific questions. Even then they will give very little information because they do not know how to communicate what their feelings are. Boys deal with moderate stress well and may actually do better because of it. They also feel excited when faced with threat and confrontation. In school they will thrive if a teacher presents a challenge or competition within a lesson and if they do become stressed they will want to be alone when they are trying to deal with it and they will not show any emotion, so teacher may not be able to tell when boys are stressed.

When girls are separated in single sex classrooms, they had a positive attitude, they are very focused on learning, and their behavior is not a problem. However, when researchers looked at the behavioral patterns of boys, they had more fights when girls were not present. They were louder, and more boys were cheating on tests. In addition, the larger boys tended to bully the smaller boys, and the classroom was aggressive and competitive (Jackson, 2002; Gray & Wilson, 2006). Teachers in single gender classes need to enforce strict classroom rules and follow them. Successful studies with single gender boys’ classes have clear, concise, rules and there are consequences for those that chose not to follow the rules. Rewards for appropriate behavior motivated boys and it presented them with the challenge that they thrive on. Developm...

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... each lesson. The test scores will be compared between the co-educational and single gender groups. If the test scores are higher on the assessments then a final assessment will be given to confirm the findings. A bar graph is developed for each student (Appendix C) to show the progress of each individual boy in each group. The progress monitoring results will show if the math intervention was successful in the single gender group.
Each member of the math department will analyze the survey questions and answers. The survey will show if each boy enjoyed the study and the single gender classroom setting. Each parent will be given a survey (Appendix D). It would be important to the study to see if the parents had any positive or negative influence on their sons. The bar graph and student survey results will be shared with the parents at the student conferences.

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