Essay on Single Black Women

Essay on Single Black Women

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Black women are amazing, smart, loving, independent and strong, yet, many of us are single. We as black women have stereotypes surrounding us more than any race I believe. Many of those stereotypes seem to play into the issue as to why we are single. There are so many astounding black women that single in America and my question is why that is so? I feel as though it is because there are fewer educated black men in America, we are notorious for our bad attitudes, and sometimes we can get too involved into our work to be held back by a black guy who would not help us, but with help from sources like Steve Harvey we can combat this issue and maybe one day get rid of this statistic.
During years in college, is the potential time for finding that one person to spend the rest of your life with. There are thousands of different people that attend universities all over the United States, but generally one thing remains the same, the female to male ratio is low. And, normally if the female to male ratio is low, the number of African American females to males is even lower. Many women in their low to mid 20s are in school trying to get degrees and are possibly trying to find a mate. However, many young black men that actually get the opportunity to attend college, generally are not on the same level of relationship maturity, or are on the hunt for a mate at that time like females are. Most college men as a whole, no matter what race are thrown into a sea of women that will do just about anything they want. These men can find women that will have sex with them whenever they want, get a female do to any homework they have, or just for the wanting of someone around. While doing all of these things, they can remain unattached, and not concern...

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...t of the prison systems or even finish high school so that they can add to the number of college graduates. Black women however have odds in our favor with the help of a very prominent black male figure. Steve Harvey and his book has turned the page regarding black women and their issues. It can help you work around the struggles black men throw at us and to teach black women what they can do to find a man and keep a man.

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