Singer And Facing Famine By Tom Haines Essay

Singer And Facing Famine By Tom Haines Essay

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“The Singer Solution to Poverty” by Peter Singer and “Facing Famine” by Tom Haines, are both dealing with the same issues but the only difference between the two authors are that they use different tactics in which to address the problem and also attempt to get assistance from others. Although both authors intentions are the same, Haines has a much better strategy of  getting the sympathy attention from his audience rather than making them feel guilty for living an average life. The author Peter Singer argues that there is no reason why Americans can’t donate money if they are able to afford luxurious material/products that are not essential to their lives and health. Singer 's solution is for Americans to stop using their money on things that aren’t necessities and donate the saved money to all kinds of charities. By doing so, he persuades the audience with two different situations to help motivate the readers to donate instantly. He uses two people named Bob and Dora, arguing that if we choose to refuse to help the needy children in the world, we are “failing to live a morally decent life”. I agree in a sense where if one is greedy and selfish with their money, they aren’t doing any good in the world knowing that there are people struggling to live an almost decent life without food, water, light, etc. Also just because one may not know the person does not necessarily mean it is okay for them to not care or help out, somewhat relating to Bob 's situation.                                                                                 
In Singer’s article the first situation comes from a Brazilian film about a woman named Dora. In order for her to make thousands of dollars she has to persuade a family about adopting a homeless ni...

... middle of paper ...

...inger Solution does because of the ethos being used by the author. Throughout the article of Facing Famine the author uses ethos and pathos. The difference between the two is Singer was a trip combined with situations about a man with a Bugatti and a child being harvested for organs. Facing Famine described the real human suffering in Africa. In my opinion  I believe Haines point of view on Facing Famine is a more powerful way to gain support on helping fight famine in the world since it tells a real story of people in  Africa and their sufferings. While on the other hand Singer Solution just seems to try and make us feel guilty. Although both give out  mainly the same goal, to convince people to donate.  Therefore I agree whereas though we the people should donate and help others and if not then we are simply “failing to live a morally decent life” as Singer stated.

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