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The Singapore Legal Structure Essay examples

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The Singapore legal structure comprises the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. The legislature consists of the President and the Parliament. The present Parliament is the Twelfth Parliament and it is made up of 99 Members of Parliament (MP), consisting of 87 elected MPs, 3 Non-Constituency MPs (NCMPs) and 9 Nominated MPs (NMPs). The NCMPs are members of the opposition political parties who have lost in the General Elections. They are appointed to represent the opposition parties in Parliament so that views other than the Government's can be expressed in Parliament. Nominated MPs, on the other hand, are independent people who are not affiliated with to political party. They are appointed to ensure a wide representation of community views in Parliament as they contribute non-partisan views (Parliament of Singapore, n.d.).

The first main function of the Legislature is to make laws for the country. Bills proposed in the Parliament will be debated by MPs before they vote in favour of, or against it. Either the whole Parliament or the Select Committee will go through the Bills thoroughly and they can propose amendments to improve it so that the Bills will better benefit the country. After the Bills are being passed by the Parliament, it will go through the Presidential Council for Minority Rights to be approved and then assented by the President before being gazette and finally become a law (Parliament of Singapore, n.d.).

The next main function of the Legislature is to control the state’s finances. After the Minister of Finance deliver the Budget Statement, the Parliament will review it and then debate on the Budget Statement. They will bring up different areas to request for the government to reconsider and look into. Then afte...

... middle of paper ...”. He also said that the operation was done as a condition of the merger of Singapore and Malaya so that the Tunku of Malaysia did not have to worry about a political opposition, the Barisan Socialist, after the unification (The Online Citizen, 2013). With the ISA being used by the government to oppress political oppositions in the past, it can still be used to do so now. Especially with the ISA allowing detention without trial, the government could misuse this act and the Judiciary cannot adjudicate on whether the person detained has really gone against the law.

Another issue related to the separation of powers of the Legislature and the Executive would be that the Members of the Cabinet are also part the Parliament. They, too, can vote on Bills during the Parliament sessions. This shows that the Legislature and the Executive are not have fully separated powers.

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