Essay on Singapore And The Republic Of Singapore

Essay on Singapore And The Republic Of Singapore

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Singapore, or the Republic of Singapore, is an island nation located just off the southern coast of Malaysia. This southeastern city-state is separated from its northern neighbor by the Johore Strait. Singapore is separated from Indonesia on the south side by the Singapore Strait (Ho, Winstedt, Leinbach, & Kenndard, 2016). The advanced logistics infrastructure of Singapore supports continued business growth and attraction to the developing country (“Comparing Logistics Infrastructure of Countries in ASEAN,” 2007).
As of July 2016, the current population of Singapore is estimated to be 5,781,728. This number continues to grow at a rate of 1.86%. Over fifty percent of the population falls into the 25 – 54 years age structure. The next largest group at seventeen percent falls between 15 – 24 years of age. Children 0 – 14 years old attribute to thirteen percent of the population. Finally, ten percent of the population is categorized into the 55 – 64 age bracket, while nine percent falls into the 65+ age bracket. The estimated overall gender ratio in Singapore for 2016 is 0.96 males for every female. At birth, this ratio is 1.07 males for every female. For those in the population 65 years and older, this ratio declines to 0.83 males for every female (“East & Southeast Asia: SINGAPORE,” 2016).
The most widely practiced religion in Singapore is Buddhism at thirty-four percent. Following this figure in second is Islam at fourteen percent. The remainder of the population identified with the following religious beliefs: Taoist (11.3%), Catholic (7.1%), Hindu (5.2%), other Christian (11%), other (0.7%), and none (16.4%) (“East & Southeast Asia: SINGAPORE,” 2016).
There are multiple official languages of Singapore. These include Mandarin (...

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... water. The size of Singapore ranks it 192 in comparison to the world (“East & Southeast Asia: SINGAPORE,” 2016). The terrain of Singapore is diverse from west coast to east coast. Nearly seventy percent of the mainland is less than fifty feet above sea level. The highest point on the island is centrally located Timah Hill at 531 feet. The central area of the island is composed of rugged hills, the eastern side is a natural plateau, and the south-western region is composed of steep banks (Ho, Winstedt, Leinbach, & Kenndard, 2016).
According to Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification, Singapore’s climate is an Equatorial Monsoon. These climates are characterized by their heavy rainfall and high temperatures year round. This heavy rainfall is in spite of typical short, dry seasons that fall into pattern with the monsoons (“The Köppen Climate Classification System”, n.d.).

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