The Simulation : Team Chester Aims At High Tech And Low Tech Market Segments

The Simulation : Team Chester Aims At High Tech And Low Tech Market Segments

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By the end of 2023 in the CapSim simulation, Team Chester aims to have a solid market base in both high tech and low tech market segments, with control of over 25% of the market share. We hope to obtain at least a 45% return on assets and more than 30% return on equity. Our goals are to outperform our competition in sales through heavy funding towards accessibility and awareness, and to raise enough capital to pay dividends to bring up our stock price to at least $30 per share.

To keep pace with the market, we will develop products that start out in high tech segment, cutting edge in terms of both performance and size, which will gradually move into the low tech segment as the segments drift. As this occurs, we will lower the price, first only by a few dollars, then by slightly larger amounts to make the product more appealing to low tech customers. As a “Differentiator with Product Lifecycle Focus”, our high tech products will be priced relatively highly, so that after taking into account the prices of material, production, and marketing, we will still be able to make a respectable...

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