Simpson Was Acquitted For Murder Essay

Simpson Was Acquitted For Murder Essay

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October 3, 1995 the day O.J. Simpson was acquitted for murder was a day of either utter discuss, or of triumph against a system that has not been known to be on the side of minorities. At the time just being 13 years old, I was already seeing the difference between how Caucasians and minorities where treated differently by the law. Living an area where it was heavily Caucasian I would be harassed by the police on my way home to school, or to meet with friends at whatever location we had decided to hang out at. Then seeing my father being pulled over while we would drive throw the neighborhood that we lived in just because he is Mexican never help instill trust in to the system. While also hearing similar stories that my Hispanic, and African-American friends where going through similar experiences always brought us closer together while at the same time it caused us to separate ourselves from our Caucasian class mates since they did not understand what we were going through. This divided was no more apparent than during the O.J Simpson trial. Just like the rest of the country we had taken sides on the debate and just like everyone else our judgement where based on race. Many people saw the trial as being the pinnacle of the system trying to keep minorities further oppressed. While the case help create a division between races that could be clearly seen. Cases like the Rodney King beating and at the time President Clinton Federal crime bill that was signed in to law in 1994 where the catalyst to push the African-American community to believe that system was against them, and brought them together under one opinion.
Rodney King was a man that was a known deviant. He had served time in prison for robbery, and was addicted to drugs....

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While it can be seen that many factors led to contributing to the racial divide during the trial, should show how delicate the line between races are. Because of this it should come as no surprise of how racially divided the case was. Yet in order to progress as a culture, people need to come to a better understanding of each other. Once people are able to start understanding each other better, the issues can be address and quite possibly fixed. Yet people still have a hard time coming to the ability of understanding each. This is something that cannot continue; since if it continues people will never be able to grow and the inequalities that are in society will never be addressed and continue to hold people down. In order for the country to survive this needs to change or one day this country that has been built will come crumbling down around everyone.

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