Simmary of the books of the Old Testament Essay

Simmary of the books of the Old Testament Essay

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Summary of the books of the Old Testament

Genesis (EXAMPLE)

The book of Genesis is largely narrative material. Some key themes and events include God as the creator and sustainer of his creation demonstrated through the accounts of the creation week, the fall of man, the flood, and Patriarchal History, including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. After Adam and Eve sinned and ushered the era of sin and death into the world, men continued to become increasingly sinful. Eventually, God became so angry he completely destroyed mankind with a world-wide flood. However, He spared a remnant: Noah and his family. God chose Abraham and entered into a new covenant naming Israel as his chosen people. Again, with this act we see God as the sustainer. The chosen line continued with Abraham and his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob who was later renamed Israel. Jacob gave birth to Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers and taken to Egypt. This eventually resulted in Jacob and his family relocating to Egypt in order to survive a severe famine...(when you complete your summary go on the next book of Scripture)


The book of Numbers is a Narrative book. This book is part of the first five books of the Bible which is known as the Pentateuch. This book has a great deal of information regarding the Israelites and their journey to Canaan. I believe the key purpose or theme presented in this book is the fact that God is with us on our journey through life, yet he will not tolerate our sinning. The beginning of this book is the Israelites preparing for their journey, which will be led by Moses. Miriam and Aaron go against Moses and spies that are unfaithful convince the people to not enter Canaan. Th...

... middle of paper ... a prophetic book. This is the first of the prophetic books in the Old Testament. The main theme that we must be aware of is that we must seek salvation from God and God alone. The main characters in this book are Isaiah and his children. The reason his 2 sons are important is because their names help display the words that Isiah spoke about the future in his book. The book begins by accounting for the sins that have occurred in the lands of Judah and Israel. Isaiah tells the reason that God has judgment on these nations and why God must have judgment. Afterwards, Isaiah talks about the coming of Jesus, the Immanuel. The aftermath of the Babylonian exile and the rebuilding is talked about midway through this book. The end of this book, Isaiah talks about the coming of the new kingdom with it the forgiveness of evil and the beginning of a new life.

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