Similarities Between William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet And Julius Caesar

Similarities Between William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet And Julius Caesar

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The two plays, Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, have many differences and similarities. Obviously since they were both written by William Shakespeare, then they will have some similarities because a majority of writers have similar traits in how they write each play, novel, movie, etcetera… Romeo from Romeo and Juliet and Brutus from Julius Caesar have an abundant amount of similarities and differences throughout both plays. A majority of the characters had similarities and difference as well, but Romeo and Brutus’s stood out the most to the readers. Romeo and Brutus both did something detrimental that ended up being the cause of their lovers suicide, but it was for different reasons. Then the way that Romeo did not listen to others, but Brutus did. Brutus was more of a people person than Romeo was. Shakespeare also portrays them similarly, but give little hints of difference. Romeo and Brutus also took their own life, but for different reasons. They are from different plays, but they do have some similarities.
Romeo and Brutus both caused the death of their loved ones. They both killed another individual, which caused their death. The way Romeo caused it was not all his fault. Tybalt, an antagonist in Romeo and Juliet, killed Mercutio, who was extremely close to Romeo, in a brawl of family feuds that had been occurring for an extremely long time. When Tybalt murdered Mercutio in the brawl, Romeo, in pure rage, killed Tybalt. Before the brawl though, Tybalt was trying to antagonize, but Romeo, who is much less hot headed than Brutus, continued to say that he refused to fight, but in the end he did. This shows the similarities between Romeo and Brutus because they both eventually went against what they b...

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... towards the end. Brutus stopped caring about it in the end considering he put himself before his wife’s death. Romeo did not. He put Juliet first. Even though they took their lives for different reasons, it had the same result in the end.
The differences and similarities between Brutus and Romeo are slight but then can be pretty extreme. The fact that Romeo and Brutus both killed someone is kind of an eye opener; they did it for different reasons though. Romeo and Brutus were also portrayed differently throughout the plays. They acted differently towards some situations that happened throughout the plays, but it had the same ending for the two individuals. Romeo and Brutus also both committed suicide, for different reasons again, but they still took their own lives. There were multiple differences and similarities, but in the end, Romeo and Brutus had the same fate.

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