Similarities Between The Hymn And The Sun And Genesis Essay

Similarities Between The Hymn And The Sun And Genesis Essay

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The World Creation
There are many similarities between The Hymn to the Sun and Genesis. They are both insights of how the world was created, however there are many ways the two stories can be interpreted. The Hymn to the Sun focuses on the people of the land worshiping the sun because of its benefits. Light was the main symbol because it was a representation of life and positivity. The comparison of Genesis and The hymn to the Sun ranges from how light was created to how humans were created.
In both texts the sun had a significant impact on their existence. In Genesis, God created light and darkness and called it day and night. Before he created light, it is stated in Genesis that “the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep” (Wolf 95). Similarly in the Hymn, the sun rises on the eastern horizon, which also causes night and day. Light is a symbol of the good and positivity, while darkness is considered to be a symbol of death and negativity. The reason that they worship the sun is because it brings energy, cleanses them, and clothed them in the Aten.
Light is considered to bring good energy, as opposed to darkness which brings negative energy. Usually during the day time there is less crime and evil things happening. According to an online poll “Nearly 4 in 10 Americans, 37%, say they would be afraid to walk alone at night within a mile of their home” (Gallop). In the night there are more crimes because people usually wait until the night time to do bad things so that they cannot be seen. The sun provides the light that is needed to see things which cannot be seen during the night time. This is why most people wait until the night time to do the bad things that they do. There are ...

... middle of paper ... from worshipping their god. In The Hymn, they found energy and positivity when worshipping the sun. Worshiping is a form of expression and can be done at any time and any place.
The two texts share a similar story about how the world was created and the significance of light. In The Hymn to the Sun, they worshipped the sun because of its benefits that they received from it. Light was a symbol that was used in both texts as a way to show positivity. Light was also used as a way to divide night and day and to distinguish the seasons. Many people have different opinions about how the world was created. These texts also talked about how humans were created and how they reproduce. These two texts are excellent insights of how the world was created. When reading these two books, the reader will notice and understand the value that the sun provides every day.

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