Similarities Between The Glorious And American Revolution Essay

Similarities Between The Glorious And American Revolution Essay

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The Glorious revolution was a changing point in the course of history. It was the first revolution of its kind which led to many more like the American revolution. There were many similarities between the Glorious and American revolution, John Locke played a key role in both revolutions, and Locke’s ideas were mirrored in the Declaration of Independence.
The Glorious Revolution took place in England in 1688. They wanted to overthrow King James because people in the English parliament didn’t want to have a dynasty of Catholic monarchs. They were tired of Catholics and wanted a protestant monarch. William of Orange then came to power to. They changed the system of the Parliament having power over the monarch. This was first form of parliament democracy in the world. The American revolution started on a similar idea, freedom. Americans were tired of paying taxes from the Tea act of 1773, written by King George of England. They considered themselves independent and didn’t want King George to have all of the power over them. Colonists didn’t have much freedom of religion or basic rights ...

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