Similarities Between Jeremy Bentham And Karl Marx 's Ideas About The Natural Human Rights

Similarities Between Jeremy Bentham And Karl Marx 's Ideas About The Natural Human Rights

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In the following content I would talk about the differences and similarities between Jeremy Bentham and Karl Marx’s ideas about the natural human rights. I would clarify that Bentham is favouring the democratic political system in his writings and Marx is bending to a social and collective political system.
In those two years of negotiations on the Declaration of Human Rights and Citizen, the philosophical concepts of Liberalism and Marxism have created disputes between the liberal west and the socialist east. Both of them used to be relevant but the political actors transformed these two philosophical ideas into an ideological project. The natural law is matter of the liberalism which is coming in a direct contradiction to the Marx’s principles of collectivism. The Bentham’s vision is to create a utilitarian law code which would be human centred in order to avoid suffering and the negative thoughts that the human is facing whereas for Marx this movement is considered to be a process of turning the man into an egoist creature and only looking for himself.
Marx used to write during some intense times between the Empires in Europe and when the aristocracy has been overthrown by the bourgeoisie which used to be in a continuous growth, therefore Marx considers that mixing the social classes will end up with the abolition of classes, with no mean of who the leader is. I would add that in his view the state should have the division of labour based on the power relations between the citizen and the government. The individual concept should not exist whiting a Marxist state because this concept is likely to jeopardize the integrity and the well function of the state.
On the other hand, for Bentham we can live without a government but w...

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...ssive gap and at the same time a big mentalities difference. Marx considers the liberty as being something closely related to the equality among the man who must take part of a collective society. He also says that in a collective state the security should have the highest level in the civil layer. On the other hand Bentham considers that the man is free and only the laws can guarantee his liberty not the other people around him as in the case of Marx.
In my mind I would come along with a counter argument and say that the man is born free and equal and I don’t really think he needs a government or any other kind of law in order to make him sure of his right or to make him happy. We are born alone therefore we will always be alone and we will need to take care of us, alone, with no somebody else’s help because even if we are going to ask for it will be limited.

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