Essay on Similarities Between Hinduism And Hinduism

Essay on Similarities Between Hinduism And Hinduism

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Similarities and Differences (Buddhism vs Hinduism)

Buddhism, and Hinduism as religions have many very clear similarities and differences. The Question about this statement is, what is similar and what is different? Today I would like to compare and contrast the funeral traditions of both of these two religions. Buddhism and Hinduism alike are similar in their traditions surrounding funerals in many ways such as their Funeral ceremonies. Although they are similar, many of these similarities are approached differently in each religion. I’ll address the traditions that are followed in preparation and during the ceremony with each of the two religions.

In both religions the body of the deceased will be prepared for the ceremony. In Buddhism, a monk will bless the body of the deceased. This tradition is to aid the person into moving from their material bodies. In Hinduism they give the body a “holy bath” where the body is bathed in purified water, while those washing the body will recite mantras. This is a major similarity in the two religions; a preparation ritual.
Though they two ...

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