Essay on Similarities Between Cinderella And Cinderella

Essay on Similarities Between Cinderella And Cinderella

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Cinderella is the story of a girl whose stepmother does not treat her well. Cinderella goes to a ball, with no help from her evil stepmother, and meets her prince charming. Cinderella and her true love get separated from each other and the only way for the prince to find Cinderella was from a single shoe that Cinderella left behind. “Cinderella” by the Brothers Grimm and "Cinderella" by Charles Perrault have many similarities as well as many differences. Cinderella’s sisters in the stories were similar, but their lives played out different. Cinderella’s father also did not treat her that well. Luckily, Cinderella did have someone looking out for her in both versions. The birds and the fairy godmother both looked out for Cinderella and helped her out.
The morals in the two stories are similar. In the Brothers Grimm version, the moral is not to be envious and instead stay genuine and good things will come to you. The sisters were envious and they received their punishment because of their behavior. Cinderella stayed true and she received a life someone could only dream of having. Perrault’s version has two morals. The first one is to be gracious because it is worth more then beauty. According to Perrault, “It is a true gift of the fairies. Without it nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything.” Cinderella was able to go to the ball and meet her prince. She was gracious and when she got taunted, she stayed good. These qualities made her appealing to the prince. The second moral is that being gracious and smart are good attributes, but sometimes you need the help of a “godmother or godfather.” What Perrault is trying to say is that people need help to succeed even when they are good at heart. Without the help of her fairy godm...

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...ecked out by the birds at Cinderella’s wedding. To try to fit her foot in the slipper, one sister cut off her heel and the other cut off her toe. The two stepsisters were white with rage when Cinderella was reveals herself as the true bride. However, in Perrault’s version Cinderella’s stepsisters begged for her forgiveness. Cinderella forgave her stepsisters for all the terrible things that they have done. She gave them a place to stay and she found suitors for her stepsisters. In Perrault’s version the sisters lived a good life. This did not happen in the Brothers Grimm version. Because of their malice and envy, the stepsisters became blinded and lost a piece of their feet. If the sisters in the Brothers Grimm version begged for forgiveness like the sisters in Perrault’s version, Cinderella and the birds might have taken pity on them and given them another chance.

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