Similarities Between Buddhism And Taoism Essay

Similarities Between Buddhism And Taoism Essay

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Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Taoism
The most paramount characteristic of the Eastern world view one could virtually verbally express the essence of it is the awareness of the unity and mutual interrelation of all things and events, the experience of all phenomena in the world as manifestations of a simple oneness. Buddhism and Taoism are two major religions in the orient, especially China. There are several homogeneous attributes and distinctions between the two.
Buddhism and Taoism have many homogeneous attributes with some fundamental differences. They were both predicated on the edifications of two particular master sages born in Asia more than 2500 years ago. They are both concerned with the correct paths for right-cerebrating people and both preach simplicity and contemplation. Yet Taoism is more concerned with the riddle of life here and now while Buddhism is more concerned with breaking the perpetual cycle of pain and suffering. Taoism’s rudimental edifications are mystical aphorisms for contemplation; while Buddhism presents many laws and precepts that can be followed to affect a person’s karma or destiny. Buddhism is generally predicated on the educations of a very authentic person denominated Siddhartha Gautama. The dates for his birth and death are commonly given as 563 BCE to 483 BCE. He became kenned as a Buddha or the Aroused One after his personal enlightenment. His educations were indited down by others a few hundred years after his death. While different schools of mentally conceived such as the more preponderant conveyance of the Mahayana Tradition and the Zen monks with their contemplative puzzles have interpreted and expanded Buddha’s edifications in many ways, these schools are all predi...

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...garding their cognations with their country’s people. He was concerned with living with the Tao of nature in the world we currently inhabit. Buddha is concerned with ceasing the illimitable cycle of reincarnation. He was more concerned with inner placidity and what comes at the cessation of this current esse. His advice to princes and kings is simply to give everything away and prepare for the next world. Buddhism is concerned with achieving a state of Nirvana or perfect placidity of the mind. Taoism is concerned with achieving acceptance of the nature of Tao which is the fundamental nature of the world.
In conclusion, both Lao-Tse and Buddha edified the potency of inner placidity, acceptance and contemplation. Buddha was more concerned with eluding from the pain of this world. Lao-Tse was more concerned with surmounting by acceptance and the lack of struggle.

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