Essay about Similarities Between Basketball And Baseball

Essay about Similarities Between Basketball And Baseball

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Comparing and Contrast Final
Basketball and baseball may appear to be completely different sports however, both are built on sportsmanship and a touch of shared history. While there are obvious differences between these two sports, they are more similar than they may appear.
While basketball and baseball are two different sports these two sports play different with their height and weight can significantly influence success in sport depending on how the design of the sport is linked to factors that are height biased due to physics and biology. Height can be both helpful. Some taller people have more bone mass, they will generally be slightly weaker than shorter people in the same class. The difference is made up in part by their longer arms, which allow them a longer reach and easier cradle. Long legs though they are easier for other players to attack ,do however, assist in performing some actions and positions such as throwing, sprawling to counter a takedown.
Baseball, being taller usually means long legs, for power of the pitchers use to generate and to release point closer to the plate, which means the ball reaches the batter more quickly. In baseball also comes from a higher release angle opposed shorter pitcher. The taller players position have a larger strike zone, most of the players position are at least multiple of height because the larger frame allows them to generate more power.
Injuries caused by stressing an area over and over until it is damaged and begins to hurt and described as overuse injuries. One injury is patellar tendinitis, or jumper 's knee, which are characterized by pain in the tendon just below the kneecap. The basketball players overuse the tendons in their shoulders. The rotator cuff of the shoulde...

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...oned players, in both sports, reduce ball travel time, facilitating crucial plays. In basketball, the team literally centers on the center. In baseball, the defense centers on the pitcher. These players have different titles, with their actions, and more importantly, their leadership, is vital to the success of the team. Centers are highly visible in both offensive and defensive scenarios, where their physical presence and ball handling skills are called upon to score baskets or prevent the other team from scoring. Pitchers of the team positioned in the center of the baseball diamond, pitchers throw the ball to the batter in a manner as to prevent them from hitting it back. So whether a center or a pitcher, these players are central to their team. With basketball and baseball it is all about teamwork and the players attitude when they are playing.
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