Similarities And Differences Between Varying Light Intensities And The Sowbugs Movement

Similarities And Differences Between Varying Light Intensities And The Sowbugs Movement

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Sowbugs are commonly found in damp and decaying leaf litter, under rocks, wood, and in basements (Aune et al. 2015.). We conducted an experiement involving ten sowbugs and their varying responses to light intensities. We used an arena to have one fully lit side while still covering up the other side with two different materials. The oberservations we took showed a correlation between varying light intensities and the sowbugs movement. The results supported our hyopthesis that based on their biology, sowbugs will respond differently to varying light intensities.
Based on our research and understanding of sowbugs, we decided to pose the question how will sowbugs react when exposed to varyings intensities of light. From each of our own experiences with sowbugs we concluded that they perfer to be in environments with little to no visible light. Sowbugs are gray crustaceans that are usually found in the outdoors under objects such as rocks, stones, branches and other cover. They feed on decyaing vegetable matter and other ogranic matter (James et al. 1997). Most of the sowbugs eating is done at night when it is cool and damp. Sowbugs are classified as isopods. At night they tend to venture out of their covered dwellings. On the underside of a sowbug’s body there are gills which are used for breathing and must be kept slightly moist (Aune et al. 2015.). This is why sowbugs search for dark, damp areas.
Our hypothesis was that based on their biology, sowbugs will respond differently to varying intensities of light. Knowing that sowbugs are commonly found under rocks, wood, and other coverage, we inferred that they would be more prone to move towards a darker area rather than a well lit area (Aune et al. 2015.). We used an two area aren...

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...eating the experiment with a four section arena all with differing levels of light intensities so that we might could draw a conclusion to whether or not sowbugs prefer a little bit of light verses total blackout.
This experiemnt has taught me that a properly executed scientific experiment can be effective at answering scientific problems and questions. I learned that the more the sowbugs are isolated from other factors the more accurate and useful the results are. An improperly designed experiment might produce data that is insignificant or even inaccurate. Our results proved our predictions to be correct that the sowbugs will move towards darker areas when exposed to varying light intensities. This experience gave me a new perspective on how experiments are facilitated in a labroatory environment and how scientists use the sceintific method to solve problems.

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