Essay on Similarities And Differences Between The Medieval And Medieval Times

Essay on Similarities And Differences Between The Medieval And Medieval Times

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Societies progress can lead to intercultural similarities, and vastily obvious differences. These influences can be seen within the contemporary theatre of the times, explaining and progressing the status of community through storytelling and performance. The reactions to these changes are important, and help shape the society we have today. These elements are best seen between the medieval ans renaissance period.

The medieval period references to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century A.D. to the beginning of the Renaissance in approximately the 15th century A.D. During this time period the Church ruled the people, there were only the rich versus the poor, and the every day life of common folk was consumed with the thought of sin, and dissolving their souls of it. Humans were told by the church that they were inherintly sinful, and therefore needed to centre their day around the prayer and expoltion of this sin from their life. The Church during this time was very rich, and held deeds to a lot of land. They became the governing body, punishing those who they deemed deserved it. The Church was also the main source of education for many, teaching their ‘flock’ how to live life, as they saw fit. It was a time of religious crusades, minor trade between countries and guilds of workers.

The Renaissance was born through reactions to medieval society. The world in which the Renaissance blossomed (from 15th century to the 17th century), was a society that embraced art, and harboured a wealthier middle class. The Renaissance originated from Italy, and saw the birth of incredible scientists, artists and writers, such as Leonardo di Vinci, Michaelangelo and Giovanni Boccaccio. Merchant power steadily overtook church rule....

... middle of paper ... fear and confusion. Commedia dell’arte, in reaction to the church, was a means for those who had felt disillusioned over the many hardships the church could not control, to relax and gain some entertainment. The commedia genre was usually carthartic a means to be rid of any excess stress or anger, much like a good funny cat video or sit com these days. It gave the same ease of distraction from their troubles, and with a couple pints of ale they were able to experience the hilarity and misfortunes to their full extent.

Medieval and renaissance theatre have had a huge influence on society. They were able to educate on life and faith, and bring critical means of thinking alongside humor and love. Their place in our society, whether through personification, stereotypical relatable characters or their the conveyance of faith and beliefs, will never leave our world.

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