The Similarities And Differences Between My Sister And Husband Personality, Family Background, Education, And Appearances

The Similarities And Differences Between My Sister And Husband Personality, Family Background, Education, And Appearances

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When two people stand next to each other their similarities may be more apparent. If someone were to look closer at the two people they could see the unique qualities that truly make everyone different. The kinds of qualities some people can’t notice just by looking at someone. As a group people may seem the same, but individually everyone has so many qualities to himself or herself that. It is human nature to categorize general population, but people should remember that everyone is still an individual person. My sister and husband personality, family background, education, and appearances shows what makes them who they are.
Appearances for Courtney, my sister, are very important. She is a neat freak and has to have everything perfectly clean. Someone’s first impression of her is that she’s very well put together and classy. Courtney is a twenty – two year old. She dresses casually, yet proper too. She wears a fitted shirt with jeans, sandals, and a silver necklace if. When she has an event to attend she wears an elegant A-shaped dress. Courtney most likely will pair this dress with a simple gold necklace and some flat shoes. Even though Courtney is only five feet four inches, she does not like to wear heels. Her hair is wavy and light brown with golden highlights that reflect the sun. Courtney’s eyes are light green and stand out against her pale skin. She has a very round face, but her features; nose, jaw and chin are sharp and pointed. Unlike Courtney my husband, Austin, is tall and muscular. Austin being a nineteen year old guy doesn’t care much about appearances. He wears the same five t-shirts, jeans, and boots every week. On the occasion he has a formal event to attend Austin will wear a button down shirt, slacks, and bo...

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...uck. When he’s at home though he changes from life of the party to being a dad. He gets more gentle, relaxed, and happy when he’s around his seven month old son. Austin’s favorite pass times are playing cards with his family and staying up all night, or playing with his seven month old son. Austin is the kind of person who is always looking out for others and always wanting the best for his family.
Courtney and Austin look very similar, but as I looked more into their personalities, family, education, and appearances I realized they aren’t as similar as they appear. The more closely I take a look the more difference show up. In order to make a full assessment on someone a person must look into everything that makes that person who they are. There are not any two people who are the same. Society as whole should spend a little more time looking deeper into people bef

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