Essay about Similarities and Differences between Gilgamesha dn Enkindu

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Similarities and Differences between Gilgamesh and Enkindu
The Myth known today as the epic of Gilgamesh was considered in ancient times to be one of the great masterpieces of cuneiform literature.The tale revolves around a legendary hero named Gilgamesh, who was known said to be the king of the Sumerian city of uruk.Gilgamesh was known to have supernatural abilities and be half human and half god similar to his best friend who was later known known as Enkindu.This person was also blessed with supernatural abilities and was half human-half animal.Gilgamesh and Enkindu both have similar traits such as they both use love as a motivating force and they both clearly are half human-half supernatural.They also have differences such as they both had their own journey within each others journey.
*Gilgamesh and Enkindu both use love as a motivating force, this changes Enkindu from a wild man into a noble one because of Gilgamesh, and their friendship changes Gilgamesh from a bully and a tyrant into exemplary king and hero. On page 59 Gilgamesh enters a road of sun he could see nether what was ahead or behind but he screamed “Enkindu, Enkindu” this show me that he was using Enkindu name as a motivating force to quit his fear through the darkness, and on page 27 “ Enkindu was afraid of the forest of Humbaba and urged Gilgamesh not to go but they were friends and made vows to stay together always”. This shows the love and dedication they have towards each other.
Gilgamesh and Enkindu are both half human and half super natural. Gilgamesh is half God and Enkindu is half animal. These powers helps both Gilgamesh and Enkindu face and beat Humbaba and the bull of heaven. These powers were known to be granted by the Gods who Gil...

... middle of paper ... and wiser, with new found appreciation for his responsibilities to his people and his place in the divine order of things. Upon returning to uruk.he sees the walls of uruk and realizes that it is home, but also if he can rule it as well. This story to me is emphasizing the importance of women in human society. Two women,Siduri and Utnapishtim’s wife, take pity on Gilgamesh when he is at his lowest and offer their kindness as he tries to come to terms with his predicament. Women give birth to and nurture the young, allowing the all-important cycle of life to renew.Althought Gilgamesh and enkindu both Have similar traits such as using love as a motivating force or different abilities such as being half human half supernatural they also have major differences and one of the differences was that both Gilgamesh and Enkindu have different journeys within each others

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