Similarities And Differences Between Assault And Battery Essay

Similarities And Differences Between Assault And Battery Essay

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In this research paper it explains the fundamental difference and similarities between assault and battery and how they both affect a person against crime and their victims. Assault and battery are used to indicate an offense or just one.When dealing with the two offense battery has to occur when dealing with assault. Assault and battery are common law crimes that we have in the American jurisdiction system. The history about sex crimes such as rape and sexual assault and harassment goes back to the english days where rape was against property and not the person. When either the father of the daughter or the husband wives were raped it would be considered theft of his property. The raped laws in the old english days protected the interest of men which these laws were singularly undignified. Rape and sexual assault is explained in this paper along with their punishment and penalties.

Assault, Battery, and Crimes against Persons
There are many key similarities and difference between the crime of assault and battery. Assault and battery are both a combination of threat to the victim and physical harm. they both are crimes and they both are regulated by statutes. Self defensive plays a role in both Assault and battery and intentional tort.The difference between Assault and battery is that they have different charges, assault has the charge of a felony and battery has the charge of misdemeanor.Also between the two is the existence and the nonexistence of touching. What makes these differ is that direct battery involves physical contact with the victim body being harmed by the defendant. Battery has three elements to it which is conduct, mental state and harm done. Conduct would be a case of battery that encompasses the ...

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...and B are romantically linked and they were having an argument he dragged her into an alley to talk but she slaps him. B’s actions shouldn’t require him to defend himself if it’s just one little slap. Most men grew up knowing not hit a female even if she hits you first but by law a person has the rights to defend themselves from their attackers. However if B didn’t just grab A and dragged her into the ally aggressively A could have just listened to What B had to say instead just slapping him there night could have went a lot smoother. Now if the situation was different where the attacker (B) was drunk and started an argument with A and he wasn’t being respectful and made A mad and she walked off and didn’t want to listen to what he had to say and the Attacker dragged her into this alley to talk but she doesn 't want to he grabs her and then she slaps him to get away.

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