The Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Egyptian Architecture Essays

The Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Egyptian Architecture Essays

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Dating back to the earliest civilizations, man has erected structures that exemplify the cultural ideals of their time. These architectural creations lent themselves as gathering places for religious ceremonies, venues where business and commerce were conducted and places where people met to socialize and for entertainment. From the great Ziggurats and Temples of the Mesopotamians and Persians, we can also see the similarities in ancient Egyptian architecture. The scopes of the architecture built by these cultures were massive. They signified the relationship of human kind with the gods and in the case of the Egyptians whose pyramids were built for their Pharaohs “Kings” who were considered gods.
When the Greek civilization arose, they developed a different style of architecture that was tailored to the community and the culture that they established. For example, Greek temples were both large and small, built to accommodate the amount followers for a given area or region and displayed the importance of the deity. Where the temples of the Persians and Egyptians were massive to show the strength and majesty of the gods, the Greek temples and places of worship were sized to show humanity on a level similar to the gods. The gods of the Greeks were endowed with the virtues and weaknesses of human kind. The Greeks fully understood the spatial relationship of people and the buildings they constructed.
The Romans adapted different disciplines of humanities from various cultures. “From the Etruscans they absorbed the fundamentals of urban planning, chariot racing, the toga, bronze and gold crafting, and the most ingenious structural principal of Mesopotamian architecture – the arch” (Fiero, 2013, p. 66). The Romans exploited ...

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...s very much like attending a gladiator event in ancient Rome. There’s cheering and jeering there’s food, there’s drink and there’s a sense of community. Our homes may be built differently than they were in the past, but they serve the same purpose, we invite others into our homes to display friendship, entertain, or for special occasions. This is the feeling we have of community with others. The common ground we share as humans is family and home. Although, our living spaces have changed and evolved, as have our theaters and stadiums, our places of worship have not changed much at all. I believe this is because, even though, new religions have stemmed from Catholicism, the Catholic Church itself has not changed much.

Fiero, G. K. (2013). Landmarks in humanities (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. ISBN: 9780073376646.

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