Silly Stupid Advertising, Trix Are For Kids ! Essay

Silly Stupid Advertising, Trix Are For Kids ! Essay

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“Silly Advertising, Trix Are For Kids!”
“Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!” is what you might have heard repeated over continuously from commercials a few years ago for Trix products. In the commercials there would always be kids happily eating Trix’s yogurt or cereal. Then a white rabbit would appear with a fun and goofy voice and would always try to snatch the food away from them without success. But this fun line can be seen in another way, as in, Trix’s advertisements really do tick kids. As do many other fast food and processed food companies across the United States. Numerous people can say they have seen this flowing scene about to be described before. A parent and child are walking down the grocery store aisles and the child points to some product they want and may even cry or throw a tantrum until mom or dad buys them the product. This is because it is cool and every kid eats it, just like for teens everyone has a cell phone. Trix are for kids, so why not let kids eat them all they want? The truth is children in America watch an average of ten food related adds a day that is nearly four thousand a year. ("The Facts on Junk Food Marketing and Kids") This is one of the reasons why children remember a catch phrase or a character from an ad. When you see it that often who wouldn’t? And the effects are showing with obesity, even in young children, rising. So what makes children keep eating these fatten and sugar loaded foods? How do these advertisements trick the minds of young children and is it fair to do this to children when they are still learning what is best for them? What can we do to help this country’s children to grow up more healthfully, and to not turn out to be obese?
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...can be cured by hard exercise, but this is not recommended for children. It is more efficient for children to just eat healthy as they are still growing each day. So the next time an ad pops up on the screen and that little girl or boy is focused on it try to explain to them by reading the ingredients or the nutrition label why they should not eat it often. With small steps like these children can learn and become wise consumers even as they get older and can pass on their knowledge to their own children. Because they are not going to learn it completely in school so they must learn at home. Should schools teach more about healthy food habits or how advertisings trick people? Well that is a whole new topic that is still to be discovered. So the next time a child hears “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids,” help them by telling them what is in the Trix product.

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