Essay on Silicon Valley 's Model Of Public Service

Essay on Silicon Valley 's Model Of Public Service

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Journal #7: Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley 's model of public service revolves around technology, specifically tech companies and its workers. The reason for this being that Silicon Valley is an area heavily influenced by and involved in technology. It attracts techies to form their startups and is a center of many engineering breakthroughs. It also attracts many other businesses. Their emergence promotes the growth of wealth, which in turn attracts even more business.
As a consequence of Silicon Valley 's focus on technology, the work ethic that is developing there is quite a modern one, heavily influenced by technology and the market theory. People who have creative, original ideas or innovative inventions are drawn to this place with the idea of creating a startup that will benefit them financially and simultaneously, provide a service to others. It 's a situation of mutual benefit. With technological innovations, things get done faster so people can manage their time and get more important stuff done. In addition, data also empowers people and this flattens hierarchies, since people have easily accessible information at the tip of their hands, or in their pockets, by using their latest smartphones with the cool, downloadable apps they have in their screen.
There are several success stories associated with this model. One such story is the Project Homeless Connect. This was a project that collected data on the needs of San Francisco’s large homeless population through cloud computing in order to provide them with the services they needed. It had favorable results, greatly improving the city’s ability to take care of their homeless. Another success story was the creation of an App that allowed municipal workers to keep track o...

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...icon Valley. So much is this trait stressed from a young age that it’s beginning to have a negative effect on young people, to the point where there have been several suicides.
The author sums it nicely when he says that Silicon Valley is simply “a group of powerful corporations and wealthy individuals with their own well-guarded interest” whose interest sometimes “align with the public’s, sometimes not.” It’s the luck of the draw for the public, when they are recipients of the benefits. However, it cannot be denied that the world has become a more open and connected place thanks to the services that have been provided. There is even an optimistic belief that that the world can be changed with this technology and way of getting things done. It is revolutionizing the world, exerting progress and wealth, it just need to help narrow the gap of inequality, not widen it.

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