Signs of Gender Roles in Sports Essay

Signs of Gender Roles in Sports Essay

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Signs of Gender Roles in Sports
“You throw a ball like a girl.” Some might know this quote from the movie Sand Lot. From this quote, one can conclude that there are two different roles that males and females take while participating in sporting events, but is there really a difference in how females and males perform in the same sport? Many people think so, but the reality is that both males and females have the ability to perform similarly in the same sports. While there may be a difference in the level of physical capability, there is not a difference in what a female or male can do activity wise. However, this is not portrayed in today’s society, especially in athletics where gender roles can be evidently seen. I am not interested in discussing whether or not males and females have the same ability to play a sport at the same physical level. As a sociologist, I am interested in making readers aware of the inequality in the media’s perceptions and portrayal of male sports and female sports as being distinctly gender different.
Many sports journals, including newspapers, often use the more widely acceptable "women" when writing about participants in female sporting events. By saying this, the first point is brought up. Obviously, the first distinction between male and female sports in the media can be seen through their use of terminology. What I mean is that all female teams usually have “lady” before the name, while male sports just have the name of the school. One can see an example of this at our own school, by having the male teams as the Eagles, while the female team is known as the Lady Eagles. Adele Ciriacy, an equality specialist at the Department of Children Families and Learning, said that “They are both ...

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...male basketball player.
After reading these five articles, one can be aware that there are gender differences in the sports that the media presents. In every reading that we have done in Race, Class, and Gender, there has always been one superior group and one inferior group. Sadly, after reading these articles, I believe that there are stereotypes of being a man or a woman. Like I said in my introduction, I do not believe that males have more ability to play sports than females, but I do think that the stereotypes are very strongly held in our society. Also, I think that a lot of what the media portrays is done because of the money. Male sports are faster and more physical, so more people are interested in watching them. In turn, because the media shows things that the most people want to see, it will cater to male sports, even if it means inequality for women.

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