The Signs Of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

The Signs Of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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The signs of dissociative identity disorder are the presence of two or more distinct personalities or personality states competed for differential control behavior. People with the disease lose the ability to recall some important information about yourself, the big events that cannot be explained by the word "forget" normal. Simply put a little, there will be periods in which the disease memories could not remember, the important things that happened in the past, but the patient did not have a bit of a sense about it at all. This disorder should not come from drugs, stimulants or any other medical situations to be considered as multiple personality disorder. Maybe you feel surprised, but illness multiple personality disorder really rare, so that today it is often mistakenly diagnosed and provided misleading shooting unfounded.
The causes of the dissociative identity disorder are patients had a duration abused physically and sexually, especially during childhood. Because of childhood memories of that horrible excessive lead to personality changes. In fact, the only character to appear with a single purpose, protecting the main character. Yes, protection is not compromised key personality. The main character met at psychological pressure, or be placed in an awkward situation, and intend to escape the sub-personalities will emerge to replace the main character of the whole thing, or be replaced the main character of the game for the violence. The amount of time that women came to power personalities, like a pause for the rest of the personality. Patients with multiple personality disorder which often experience psychological trauma clear (often have nightmares, past images of the transient brain). There are a few other patients ofte...

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...tion periods in my life when I was a child. I came home from school at six o’clock, and the last thing I remembered that I had dinner, but then my friend do, I could not recall. Until the next morning and found himself lying in bed. While shopping, she met acquaintances. Hear him tell her that last night in the bar dancing is very energetic that he was very surprised because she was not such capital. Hearing that, I vaguely sensed that something was wrong because she lived very methodical, not a great night out, great no alcohol, so how the other person found her at the other bars. In addition, the time losing more and more. From three hours, five hours, and up to seven hours . . . no matter how much she tried could not remember. This is also thanks to the office when she 's group psychology professor taught me. Never doubt, her illness multiple personality disorder.

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