Essay about Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Essay about Signs and Symptoms of Depression

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Identify the signs and symptoms of depression
When emotions such as apathy or despair do not want to disappear, depression may be the cause of these evils. More than a temporary blow blues, depression prevents enjoys life every day. With psychological and medical treatment and help, you can get to feel better. But first, you must understand what it is like depression. Learn to identify signs and symptoms of depression are the first step to solve the problem.
What is depression?
We all know the ups and downs in our life. Sadness is a normal reaction to events that we may encounter in life. It is sad for a short period and then the disappointment eventually go away and life resumed. But when sadness persists, it interferes with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep or play, that is not a normal situation. This is a depression!
Signs and symptoms of depression
There is a big difference between feeling depressed and suffer from real depression. Some people describe this as the fact into a black hole, with no possibility of escape. We cannot detach from despair or sadness. However, some people with depression do not necessarily feel sad. Instead, they feel that their lives are empty and meaningless. In this state of apathy, they are unable to take pleasure in anything (even when engaged in activities they used to enjoy). The signs and symptoms of depression vary depending on people and can also vary in intensity over time.
 Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness: Things will never get better and there is nothing you can do to fix the situation
 Loss of interest in daily activities: More interest in your old hobbies and pastimes, you do not like to go out and social activities
 Change in appetite or weight: Significant weight lo...

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...pression occurring within six months of birth can be considered postpartum.

The causes of depression and risk factors
There is no single cause for depression. Life experiences, lifestyles, personality traits, all of which may play a role in the onset of depression. Something that creates a depression in an individual can suffer no effect in another.
Nevertheless, we can identify risk factors that can make people more vulnerable. For instance, people who live alone and have few friends to turn to in times of stress are likely to be more conducive to developing depression.
Other factors for depression
• Solitude
• Lack of social interaction
• Daily stress getting to you
• A family history of depression may increase the risk
• Having marital problems
• Facing financial difficulties
• Addiction to drugs or alcohol
• Unemployment or precarious
• Chronic health problems

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