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Signode Industries Inc (A) Essay

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Signode Industries Inc. - Providing Packaging Solutions Executive Summary SIGNODE INDUSTRY: DILEMMA AT HAND: Mr. Gary Reed, President of Signode Industries packaging division, is in a dilemma as what he should be his course of action to meet the 6.8% increase in price of cold rolled steel- the raw material used in manufacture of Signode’s primary product, steel strapping. There are few options given in the case: Increase Signode’s strapping prices to offset the increased price of cold – rolled steel. Maintain Signode’s current book prices as increasing prices would affect sales force morale. Introduce price-flex model as proposed by Jack Davis i.e. a kind of selective discounting or premium charging for customized services. Recommendations Reason: (All data in accordance to 1983) In accordance to Exhibit 1: Sales of Packaging Division of the company = $285,950 In accordance to Table A: Sales of Apex = 33.3% of $285,950 Sales of BBM = 26.8% of $285,950 Sales of HDM = 33.4% of $285,950 Sales of Customized Products = 6.5% of $285,950 In accordance to Exhibit 4: Similarly, For Apex: As it has a capacity utilization of 71% now, Suppose a sale is $100. Then contribution is $39.15 Therefore variable cost is $60.85. Now if we increase the capacity utilization to 100%, Sales becomes $ 141 since production increases by [(100-71)/71] * 100 = 41% Variable Cost = 141% of 60.85 = $85.8 Fixed Cost = 69.38% * 12.3 = $8.53 Total Cost = 85.8+8.53 = $94.33 EBIT = Sales – Variable cost – Fixed Cost = $46.67 % of EBIT = [(46.67/141) * 100] = 33.09% Suppose the company sales 100x units, the total cost was 69.38. Thus per unit cost was .6938. Now the company sells 141x units, the total cost...

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...ales Force optimization. Outsourcing customized machinery based products. Importing raw material rather than using domestic steel. Promoting plastic strapping as a way to the future. Adopting price flex strategy so as to incorporate cost leadership and umbrella pricing. Strategically reducing number of customized products so as to reduce costs. Capitalize on the Services aspect strapping and packaging industry. Maintain and regain its lost customers by identifying their needs more effectively. Empowering sales force on account of increase in contribution margins. So to meet firm’s objective of increased profits, Signode should stimulate further volume growth by taking actions to convert nonusers into users, to increase use frequency among current users, or to expand into untapped or underdeveloped markets.

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