The Significance Of The War Of 1812 Essay

The Significance Of The War Of 1812 Essay

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War of 1812
The significance of the War of 1812 was an increase in respect from European powers, the failed attempt at stricter economic regulations, and how the perception of the war led to the demise of the Federalist Party.
Before the War of 1812 Britain had absolutely no respect for American neutrality on the high seas and also in relation to the blockading of ports of neutral countries without warning. It could be argued that the war was fought for the sake of being respected as a legitimate neutral country that would not have its rights ignored by foreign countries. A letter that President James Madison wrote shows how many viewed Britain’s acts against the United States when he said that “Abandoning still more all respect for the neutral rights of the United States…” (Madison 1626). These issues were the main reason that the war was even fought. However, the Treaty of Ghent - that ended the war - did not actually address any of the issues that had sparked the initial conflict but instead was more of a return to the conditions before the start of the war. However the fighting at locations such as New Orleans had the Americans shown in a new light where they stood up once again for what they believed in. However this time it was for the rights of neutral nations whereas compared to the Revolutionary War that was based more on the idea they were fighting more for the right to form a democracy - government for the people. This caused America to gain respect in the eyes of Europe which in turn caused the issues with Britain to come to a stop due to this newfound European respect of America.
Before the War of 1812, a trade embargo was put into place to try to get Britain to acknowledge the United States as a neutral count...

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... This book is primarily aimed at people who want to understand the economics and politics behind the war - mainly from the American side. There are also maps at the end of the book that show the American states, parts of Canada and one also shows a few of the naval battles.
Madison, James “A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional
Documents and Debates, 1774 - 1875” June 1, 1812 LOC. pg1623-1629 Web.
Accessed Oct 01 2015
James Madison, while President of the United States, wrote this letter to Congress in an attempt to convince them to declare war upon Great Britain. In this letter he references various acts committed by Britain against the neutral United States which he uses in an attempt to push Congress to declare war on Britain. This source is primarily who are curious as to the political reasons the United States said were behind the war.

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