Significance Of The Title Miss Representation Is Multi Faceted Essay

Significance Of The Title Miss Representation Is Multi Faceted Essay

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The significance of the title Miss Representation is multi-faceted. The documentary is
about women, hence the Miss, and how they are represented by the media. It is also a play on
words making the argument that the media misrepresents women. One example of the way that
the media misrepresents women presented in the documentary is how women are often
sexualized by the media. Women are often seen as objects that cannot be taken seriously.
Another example presented in the documentary is that women should be valuing their beauty
more than their intelligence. From the time women are born there is constant bombardment of
beauty products and staying youthful. The documentary also presents the fact that women are
often shown that the qualities needed to be a leader are masculine qualities and that women are
leaders they hold the qualities of a bad leader. The documentary also gives attention to how the
body standard and beauty standards for women now are truly unattainable in the way that
companies Photoshop women in ways that no one actually looks. The media also only shows
youthful women and very rarely portrays women over their forties although they make up a
significant portion of the female population.
In the era between the 1920s and 1940s women’s roles in film could be multi-
dimensional and women could play different kinds of complex roles in different films. However,
they were still presented as some of the same stereotypes in these different films. Women in
today’s films are often portraying these stereotypes also but tend to be stuck in the same type of
role over and over again. They are overly sexualized and not seen as actual complex human
beings. They tend to have films that only revolve around men’s lives and even when the ...

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... be interested in becoming a leader due to the fact that it is not “fitting” to their

personality. It can be seen that as girls get older there is a smaller percent of them wanting to
become the President of the U.S. The media tends to portray women as emotional beings who
are incapable of being a good leader because their emotions are unpredictable due to their
menstrual cycle and that “they might start a war” every time they are PMSing. Some women
begin to believe this themselves and do not encourage other women to become leaders due to
this irrational fear. Another problem, is that without a woman in office, many girls and young
women tend to not believe that they can hold office since they do not have role models to look
up to. All of these things have led to girls and women not believing that they and their peers are
not capable of being leaders who hold office.

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