Essay on Significance Of Simone De Beauvoir 's The Second Sex

Essay on Significance Of Simone De Beauvoir 's The Second Sex

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This essay aims to critically discuss and evaluate the significance of Simone De Beauvoir’s work and the relevance of her book ‘the Second Sex’ and how women are seen as the second sex in society. The essay will explore Beauvoir’s early life and what influenced her to write ‘the second sex’ (1999). The essay will briefly explain what is feminism, along with how her work has impacted on and influence women in society and how her work is relevant in contemporary society along with some limitations and criticisms for her book ‘the second sex’ (1999).

Feminism is a political and social movement. Feminists argue that women are living in a patriarchal society that is a society where men dominate mainstream values. They also argued that women are excluded, trivialised and marginalised in society when they challenge or contest their view of their social and political life (Beasely, 1999). Throughout the history of feminism there has been three different waves of feminist movement, each playing a significant part in the way in which women are able to be heard and taken more seriously in society along with achieving different policies that are integral to the progression of women in society. Feminist share the same concept of misogyny, which is the assumption that men have superiority and centrality (Beasely, 1999), and men dominate the social and political theory that is ‘it is written by men, for men and about men’. (Beasely, 1999. p .4). Feminism is constantly changing and developing as society progresses and it is not only concerned with one type of women in society but with women from different class, ethnicity and race.

Simone De Beauvoir (1908-1968) was born in France and is a French writer and feminist philosophy. Beauvoir came...

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...erate women. For example there are acts for contraceptive and abortion law that was in 1967. This allows all women in England the right to take contraceptives and a right to have a termination as well as other act such as the 1976 act for domestic violence and matrimonial acts. These acts are important and are still in existence today.

Beauvoir is a very important figure in the twentieth century and her book the second sex (1999) was a break through. Has an individual her work has contributed a great deal to the development of feminism and policy changes that support women’s right. Beauvoir’s work has argued that women are a part of society and needed to be studied and we also needed to be taken seriously. Her work is still important and relevant to contemporary society that has impacted in policy changes that supports women’s interest and help to liberate us.

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