Essay on Significance Of John Kennedy 's Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

Essay on Significance Of John Kennedy 's Influence On The Civil Rights Movement

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A: Plan of investigation
The investigation for this internal assessment will investigate the significance of John Kennedy’s influence in the civil rights movement. I will discuss any significance and criticism towards Kennedy during the involvement in the civil rights movement between the years 1961 till 1963 will be discussed. The investigation will include the books John F. Kennedy: The Life, the Presidency, the Assassination written by Andre Deutsch in which he illustrates a biography of John F. Kennedy from his wartime heroism and marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier to the controversial 1960 election, Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights movement, escalating conflict in Vietnam, and assassination, it captures the key moments of his life and career. Additionally, with When Freedom Would Triumph: The Civil Rights Struggle in Congress, 1954–1968. In this piece it shows how political leaders in Washington: Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, John F. Kennedy, and others transformed the ardent passion for freedom: the protests, marches, and creative nonviolence of the civil rights movement. These two sources will be used for their origin, purpose, value, and limitation and more sources about John F. Kennedy’s involvement during the Civil Rights Movement will be used to answer the question: How significant was John F. Kennedy’s contribution to the Civil Rights Movement?

B: Summery of Evidence
John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960 in part of his promise to secure equal rights for African Americans. In 1961, CORE, Congress of Racial Equality organized freedom rides to observe how effective the Supreme Court rulings banning segregation on interstate buses and in travel facilities. When they arrived in Alabama, the Ku Klux Klan ha...

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... can see through news coverage. John. F. Kennedy was sick of this, so he sent out federal troops and ordered the National Guard to go down there and control the situation. And even African Americans not being able to get into schools, really frustrated John F. Kennedy. This led to John F. Kennedy aiding the civil rights movement.
John F. Kennedy even contributed with the Freedom Rides. Freedom Riders were trying to see how effective the Supreme Court rulings banning segregation on interstate buses and in travel facilities. When they reached Alabama, the KKK was waiting to ambush them. It’s even said that the KKK and the police made a deal, that the police would turn their heads and wouldn’t say anything. So this eventually resulted in John F. Kennedy issuing and Executive Order, saying that all buses that crosses state lines, to put up a sign saying no segregation.

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