Sigmund Freud : The Mastermind Behind The Life And Death Instincts Essay

Sigmund Freud : The Mastermind Behind The Life And Death Instincts Essay

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Sigmund Freud is the mastermind behind the life and death instincts, otherwise known as Eros (life)and Thanatos (death). Since Freud is so sexually driven by his theories, the life instincts are otherwise thought of as sexual instincts. Eros is sustaining and thriving through life with their needs being met. The needs for example, thirst, hunger, and pain circumvention. A common behavior from life instincts is love. All of the Eros energies combined is what creates the libido. Thanatos is reinforced when one experiences a traumatic event that triggers the acknowledgement of death. The graduate assistant who taught our class last Thursday said that Freud stated the whole goal of life is death. Therefore, it is said that our unconscious desire is to die but our Eros largely outweighs that unconscious yearning. They motivate behavior because the whole aspect is to live and repopulate our species and then when our body and brain is tired, we know to welcome death.
The model of the mind consists of the id, ego, and superego. The id is centered around the basic urges and needs of the unconscious mind. The ego is the only conscious of the three and it deals with reality and what’s going on right at this moment. It’s solely directed by the effects of the outside world. It is realistic and have no notion of right or wrong. The superego is specifically moral driven. It consists of two systems, conscious and ideal self. It tells us the right thing to do. We can think of these as interrelated to our behavior because they act as the little angel and devil on our shoulders. The superego would be the angel and the id would be the devil whereas the ego is the mediator between the two. We can also think of the id has a horse and the ego as the ...

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...t you can’t live forever and it creates tension within oneself. The term of mid-life crisis can be known as this too. Jung said that one will be in a state of metanoia, which means change of mind, where an individual will begin to think more philosophically. The last stage is old age. The state of consciousness at this time is reduced. Like Freud, Jung also thought that the ultimate goal of life is death. During this last stage, people will not fear death but to welcome it as a sense of completion of life. The larger debate between Freud and Jung was about their differing conceptions of the unconscious mind. Freud believed that it was all repressed thoughts, fatal memories, and the unnerving angst as well as sex. Jung broke it up into three psyches and therefore went along with Freud except for the fact that our thoughts weren’t filled with what Freud hypothesized.

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