Essay on Sigmund Freud And The First Round

Essay on Sigmund Freud And The First Round

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“You are invited to Mr. and Mrs. Jane’s wedding,” read the invitation. Sigmund Freud and his wife, Martha Bernays were invited to their close friends wedding. As ecstatic as Martha was to join the celebration, Sigmund was not. He knew his acquaintance Wilhelm Wundt would be attending along with his wife, Sophie Mau.
Martha and Sophie had been friends ever since high school, where Wilhelm and Sigmund attended. The ladies got along great, but Sigmund and Wilhelm fought like enemies ever since the eleventh grade when they both decided to compete in a psychology tournament. These gentlemen competed against the greatest, most intelligent people in the country. Both Sigmund and Wilhelm lost in the first round, which was unfortunate. However, Sigmund received a ribbon for being the only one that answered a very important question. This question, which Wilhelm was unable to answer was, “Where does a thought go when it is forgotten?” Freud answer instantly, “You see, our thoughts are motivated by impulses that our minds do not understand. This is also called our unconscious mind.”
Wilhelm never seemed to get over the fact that Sigmund was more knowledge than he. After the tournament, Sigmund attended the University of Vienna where he studied and eventually popularized psychoanalysis. Wilhelm attended Heidelberg University, Humboldt University of Berlin and University of Tubingen. Wilhelm eventually became the Father of Psychology with expertise in introspection. In spite of their great accomplishments the two never got along.
Later that evening, Martha announced that she was going shopping for a formal dress for her good friend’s wedding which was to take place later in month. Sigmund nodded his head and began to work on h...

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...y much. They would kill you if you pull a stunt like this,” stated Superego. Wilhelm began to get frustrated. He knew that he wanted to win against Sigmund but he decided that tonight was not the right time. He knew that his wife was looking forward to this night for a long time and he should just dance with his lovely wife. So in the end his Ego won out.
While Martha socialized with others, Sigmund observed Wilhelm. He knew what occurred in his thought process. Sigmund assumed that his theory, The Iceberg Effect was indeed, correct and that Wilhelm’s ego had taken over his conscious mind. Although Sigmund was right, he decided to use his ego for the better, and leave the conflict alone as well.
The two couples danced the night away. Both Sigmund and Wilhelm accepted that they both have different thought processes and that neither of them were 100% correct.

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