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Siebel would like to close on a successful sale of their SFA system to Q&R/FleetBoston as their sales figures for the quarter pretty much depend on this one sale to Q&R. It has to convince the executive board at the company about the superiority of it products over its close competitors in order to achieve this goal.
Additionally, Siebel would like to win FleetBoston’s faith in its products. Although a large percentage of the deal on Q&R’s side has already been done by representatives and department heads, it is essential to convince the new acquirers at FleetBoston of the feasibility of using Siebel Systems over the already existing Scopus product.
Currently Siebel also needs to sustain their competitive advantage against prevalent competitors. They can do this by convincing Q&R and FleetBoston of the superiority of their SFA system over the existing Oracle system. This could well be done by demonstration, eradicating the need for an integrator and result in a huge financial transaction for Siebel Systems.
Furthermore, as they make the transition towards new software, Siebel would like to discourage the use of the old Scopus system. Although FleetBoston could very well employ the existing Scopus system with the help of integration, it is to Siebel’s advantage both financially and lawfully that the new Siebel SFA system be used in this case.

Problem Set
FleetBoston has excess licenses for its old Scopus software, which Siebel now owns the rights to. FleetBoston does a significant amount of business (“$30 million of cross-selling at stake… over the next couple of years” ) with Siebel and should not be slighted by losing their investment in these licenses. Currently they could push Scopus upon a reluctant Q&R and ‘get the job done’ while saving a lot of money.
Since Q&R has just been acquired by another company, it would be hard for the Siebel people to break through the upper ranks of FleetBoston and change their minds about the new deployment without taking extra time. The people who Mr. Carman had developed contacts and relationships with are now greatly diminished in importance within the new company, which complicates the future direction of the sales push.
With the acquisition of Q&R came new management and policies. One of the factors that hindered the progress of the transaction was the six months of paperwork that had to be carried out in order to see it through. If this same project were to proceed within FleetBoston, Siebel could face significant delays which could allow their competitors (namely Oracle) to catch up.

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As such any solution should be able to be implemented quickly so as to speed adoption through Q&R/FleetBoston.

Option Description
Option 1: Push ahead with the deal with Quick & Reilly
Quick & Reilly is satisfied with the quality of Siebel’s SFA. It also feels attracted to the reliability of Siebel Systems itself as a leader of SFA software industry, and can operate Siebel’s application on its current Oracle database table, which might save switching costs. Internally its CIO Ron Capodilupo and VP of marketing Cathy Ridley trust Siebel Systems wholeheartedly.
• Advantages: Siebel gets a deal that is worth $2.1 million, increasing Siebel’s quarterly financial numbers and showing Wall Street that it is the leading contender in SFA software. Also, Siebel can create a long-term relationship with Quick & Reilly by providing continuous customer satisfaction.
• Disadvantages: There is chance to damage the relationship with FleetBoston who took over Quick & Reilly and has been a valuable customer. It could destroy the prime objective of Siebel system; customer satisfaction. In addition, most people in IT are unfamiliar with SFA unlike the current Oracle system and some of them even came from Oracle.

Option 2: Cancel the deal with Quick & Reilly
FleetBoston is one of Siebel’s most important customers and is currently involved with some contracts with Siebel system over the next couple of years. Moreover, according to Siebel Core Values, Siebel must pursue the satisfaction of FleetBoston its customer.
• Advantages: Siebel Systems would keep a firm relationship with FleetBoston, which could make their future relationship easier and more trustworthy.
• Disadvantages: FleetBoston is attempting to transfer its unused Scopus product licenses to Quick & Reilly, which is an illegal activity. Siebel will disappoint an expected customer Quick & Reilly by canceling the deal. This might have a deleterious influence on future deals with other expected customers.

Option 3: Propose a new deal with reasonable discount
FleetBoston already has excess licenses of an old Siebel system so that they don't want to buy more from the company. Also, they are not able to transfer their old product that was already purchased legally. Fortunately, Siebel system has the capability to offer a discount. This discount could come in the form of a price reduction on the new software OR a refund / ‘buy back’ on the unused licenses of the old Scopus software.
• Advantages: Siebel system could make a new deal with Quick & Reilly while they avoid injuring their FleetBoston relationship. In addition, there would be no customer trust damage.
• Disadvantages: FleetBoston may veto the contract between Siebel and Quick & Reilly regardless of the discount amount. In the worst case scenario, Siebel system could lose trust and new deals from FleetBoston, by providing the discount to Quick & Reilly.

Whichever option is chosen, Mr. Carman must stay true to Siebel Systems’ core values. Our group feels very strongly that these core values lead to the differentiation in the marketplace. As Tom Siebel himself said, “customer satisfaction is the first of our core values” . In this case, FleetBoston’s satisfaction is realizing value from the licenses which they have already purchased from Scopus while Q&R’s satisfaction will be determined by being able to get the software package they want. We know that FleetBoston doesn’t object to Q&R getting a new software system, as they already are offering the use of their Scopus software tom replace the old MDFS system.
Additionally we know that Siebel is in the lead for the current project and would probably flat out win the contract were it to be awarded today. Q&R has said that “when we got back to our offices, we told the executives that we were most impressed with Siebel Systems” . They’ve also expressed displeasure with Oracle’s offering, an internally built solution, and work from external consultant Bradley Systems.
As such, we recommend that Siebel Systems implement option #3 so as to please both sides of the purchase while still extracting value and maintaining good relationships with both sides. Our recommendation pleases Q&R by giving them the SFA system they want, FleetBoston by letting them realize value in their old purchase of Scopus, and even Siebel as it stays true to their core values and generates revenues.
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