Essay on Side Effects Of Having An Intellectual Disability

Essay on Side Effects Of Having An Intellectual Disability

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Side Effects of Having an Intellectual Disability
According to Google an intellectual disability can be defined as “a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning (reasoning, learning, problem solving) and in adaptive behavior, which covers a range of everyday social and practical skills. This disability originates before the age of 18.” This type of disability can be very counteractive and disruptive to not only an individual, but an entire family’s life. Intellectual disabilities vary greatly and impact each individual differently, but ultimately they all have similar repercussions. They drain individuals from their freedom to do as they please and limit them to their disabilities demands. They can be all consuming and very harmful if not properly taken care of and even then can still be harmful. There are two articles which both discuss some of the possible side effects and drawbacks of having an intellectual disability and having to deal with them. However each article covers different side effects and different coping mechanisms.
The first article which is titled: Mental ill-health in adults with intellectual Mental ill-health in adults with intellectual disabilities: prevalence and associated factors, mainly discusses the occurrence of the intellectual disabilities and how each person deals with the effects differently as they vary greatly. This article also uses finding from a study that was looking to discover the associated factors of ill mental health. For the study that is discussed in the article they first identified each individual’s mental disability and its severity. Following that, they identified some of the possible effects that came along with the intellectual disability...

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... differently than most people and how they can deal with these issues.
Finally, Intellectual disabilities affect many people all around the world. They cause people to struggle with seemingly easy tasks due to the fact that their brain works differently than most people. Depending on the severity of the intellectual disability people may even have to have a permeant care giver to watch over them. Even though some people are still able to live a rather normal live with their disability they still try to seek awareness to make their lives easier. This is done by gathering more information on how their brains work differently than ours and how they can be assisted with living a normal life. These two articles try to further investigate the lives and functions of people that are diagnosed with an intellectual disability in hopes of bringing some awareness to their lives.

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